• Internet
    Twitter cuts off API access to follow/unfollow spam dealers

    Notification spam ruins social networks, diluting the real human interaction. Desperate to gain an audience, users pay services to rapidly follow and unfollow tons of people in hopes that some will follow them back. The services can either automate this process or provide tools for users to generate this spam themselves, Earlier this month, a TechCrunch […]

  • Internet
    YouTube to Stop Automatic Sharing of Activity to Twitter, Google+

    Video-sharing giant YouTube has announced that it will kill the feature that allows users to automatically share their YouTube Activity on micro-blogging site Twitter and its own social network Google+ after January 31. Twitter currently allows users to share their YouTube activity via options such as going to YouTube Settings, then to Connected apps and choosing “Share your […]

  • Software
    Bihar Police to Use WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook

    To keep pace with changing technology, the Bihar Police has decided to to use WhatsApp, e-mail, Twitter, andFacebook in order to share information among its officers. For this, state police headquarters have decided to provide its officers android smartphones in order to have better coordination and sharing of information and documents among them. “All the […]