• Internet
    Kaspersky Lab Helped NSA Catch an Alleged Data Thief

    The National Security Agency discovered what has been called the largest breach of classified data in its history after a tip from a Russian cyber-security firm that the US government has banned from its networks as a spy threat, according to people familiar with the matter. Federal prosecutors in August 2016 arrested a former NSA contractor, […]

  • Internet
    OneWeb Satellite Service Said to Offer Selling Minority Stake to Russia

    US satellite start-up OneWeb has offered to sell a minority stake to Russia, a move it hopes will allay Moscow’s concerns about the company’s plan to create a worldwide internet network using satellites, three sources familiar with the matter said. Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) said in October it was against the project servicing Russia for […]

  • Science Updates
    ISS Leak: Russia Weighs Possibility of Sabotage

    Russia’s space agency said on Wednesday it hopes to announce the origin of a small hole found on a Russian module docked at the International Space Station in the coming weeks, including addressing whether the damage was deliberate. Crew members last week found the hole – roughly 2 millimetres in diameter – on the inner wall of Russia’s Soyuz […]