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    Google Search Bug Allows People to Hack Results to Spread Misinformation

    An innocuous-looking Google bug has been revealed that has the potential for spreading misinformation. The bug was documented by a London-based researcher, who discovered that Google’s Knowledge Panel can be tricked to show up with unrelated queries, thus allowing a malicious actor to use them for disseminating false information or propaganda. With the world already […]

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    Google Can Limit Right to Be Forgotten to EU, Says EU Court Adviser

    An EU rule forcing search engines to comply with requests to remove links should be limited to Europe, the senior legal advisor to the bloc’s top court said Thursday in a boost for Web giant Google. The legal clash pits Google against France over the “right to be forgotten” rule, which the US firm would like to […]

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    Google Chrome Native Ad Blocking to Become Available Worldwide on July 9

    Google announced native ad-filtering on Chrome for mobile and desktop back in 2017 to ensure that users are not pestered by spammy ads which ruin their Web browsing experience. The initiative was put to action after Google joined the Coalition for Better Ads to improve the online ads, however, these changes were so far limited […]

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    Google’s New Activity Cards Aim to Help You Find Past Searches

    Google has started rolling out a new feature called activity cards to make it easier for users to pick up the threads to past searches and continue exploring a topic. “Activity cards will roll out today on mobile web and the Google app in English in the US,” Andrew Moore, Google’s Product Manager for Search wrote in a […]

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    Google’s Widevine L3 Video Streaming DRM Platform, Used by Netflix and Others, Allegedly Cracked

    Widevine is a digital rights management (DRM) platform owned by Google that allows content providers like Netflix, HBO, etc., to stream video content to end users in a secure environment, in order to avoid unlawful duplication and distribution of their content (aka: piracy). However, security researcher David Buchanan claims to have broken Google’s Widevine L3 […]

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    Google Facial Recognition Lawsuit Dismissed by US Judge

    A lawsuit filed against Google by consumers who claimed the search engine’s photo sharing and storage service violated their privacy was dismissed on Saturday by a US judge who cited a lack of “concrete injuries.” US District Judge Edmond Chang in Chicago granted a Google motion for summary judgment, saying the court lacked “subject matter jurisdiction because plaintiffs have […]

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    YouTube Faces Outrage After Lifting Creator’s Video Without Credit

    YouTube Rewind 2018’s notoriety hasn’t even died down and the video streaming service has found itself in hot water again. The company on Wednesday was accused of exploiting the creators on its own platform after it used an edited version of a video by YouTuber Lily Hevesh to wish its Twitter followers ‘Merry Christmas’ and […]

  • Gadgets
    Google Wins US Approval for Radar-Based Hand Motion Sensor

    Alphabet’s Google unit won approval from US regulators to deploy a radar-based motion sensing device known as Project Soli. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) said in an order late on Monday that it would grant Google a waiver to operate the Soli sensors at higher power levels than currently allowed. The FCC said the sensors can also be […]

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    Indian Mobile Websites Score Low on Speed, Finds Google-Accenture Study

    Compared to other Asia-Pacific mobile sites, those from India fall behind on speed and therefore run the risk of poor conversions, a new study has warned. Indian mobile websites, however, score high on product and mobile page design and ‘findability’, according to the Google-commissioned study from Accenture Interactive. The study benchmarked over 110 Indian mobile websites […]

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    Google Denies It Altered YouTube Code to Slow Down Microsoft Edge

    Google has denied it altered YouTube code to break Microsoft Edge, thus slowing down its performance while users streamed YouTube videos – a claim made by a former Microsoft intern. Microsoft Edge is a Web browser included in Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, and Xbox One devices, replacing Internet Explorer as the default Web browser. According to a […]