• Computing
    Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition Laptop With Ubuntu Launched

    Dell last week revealed its Ubuntu-based XPS 13 Developer Edition laptop for a hefty base price tag of $1,549.99 (roughly Rs. 1,03,940). The 5th generation developer edition laptop runs Ubuntu Linux 14.04 Service Pack 1 out-of-the-box. The company however, is yet to announce the laptop’s availability. Also mentioned was that now the Precision 5510, Precision […]

  • Internet
    Apple, Google to Face EU Lawmakers Over Tax Deals

    Apple, Google, McDonald’s and IKEA will be asked about their European tax deals on Wednesday as EU lawmakers ratchet up the pressure on multinationals to pay more tax on their profits locally. The hearing, organised by the European Parliament’s tax committee, follows a similar event in November last year when Anheuser-Busch InBev, HSBC, Google and […]

  • News Updates
    Toshiba Finds More Accounting Errors, Promises Improvement

    Japan’s Toshiba Corp revealed additional accounting irregularities on Friday after a multi-billion dollaraccounting scandal last year, rekindling doubts over the company’s pledge to improve transparency. The laptops-to-nuclear conglomerate said it had overstated past profits by JPY 5.8 billion (roughly Rs. 344 crores) on a pretax basis due to seven new accounting errors, on top of […]

  • Computing
    WD PiDrive Is a 314GB Hard Drive Designed for Your Raspberry Pi

    WDLabs, a part of Western Digital (WD) Corporation, on Monday announced the availability of the WD PiDrive – a uniquely crafted storage solution design for Raspberry Pi devices – on the occasion of Pi Day. The drive is currently available in a capacity of 314GB (a play on the first few decimals in the mathematical […]

  • Computing
    Time- and frequency-resolved quantum optics for large-scale quantum computing

    A new architecture, based on a single optical parametric oscillator, is used to produce entanglement between qumode optical fields. Quantum computing has the promise of exponentially faster speeds than classical computing methods for specific, but important, calculations. Such problems include Shor’s factoring algorithm (which pertains to data encryption)1 and the simulation of quantum physics.2 Quicker […]

  • Microsoft Research’s biggest area of investment is quantum computing

    Microsoft spends a lot of time and money developing many technologies that could end up being part of the company’s next products. For instance, the company has many researchers working on artificial intelligence, which powers real-time speech translation with Skype Translator. But one area stands out for Peter Lee, the corporate vice president of Microsoft […]

  • Computing
    Quantum cloud computing could arrive in the next decade, says Bill Gates

    Cloud-based quantum computing could be helping to solve big science problems within the next decade, according to Bill Gates. Speaking during an ‘Ask me Anything’ interview on Reddit, the Microsoft founder was optimistic about the future of the nascent technology. “Microsoft and others are working on quantum computing. It isn’t clear when it will work […]