• News Updates
    This Glove Turns Your Hand Gestures Into Music

    Love tapping your hand to the beat while sitting at your desk or a park bench? A US-based startup has created a high-tech glove that can turn those hand gestures into music. The glove, called the Remidi T8 wearable instrument, is equipped with pressure-sensitive sensors along its fingertips and palm. Its wristband controls how the […]

  • Gadgets
    ‘Selfie Monkey’ Might Yet Get Copyright for Photo It Clicked

    Animal rights organisation People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) has filed an appeal against a lower court’s decision in January this year that declined to give a macaque monkey the right to his famous selfie taken in Indonesia in 2011. The appeal brief was filed at the northern district of California and the […]

  • Software
    Bihar Police to Use WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook

    To keep pace with changing technology, the Bihar Police has decided to to use WhatsApp, e-mail, Twitter, andFacebook in order to share information among its officers. For this, state police headquarters have decided to provide its officers android smartphones in order to have better coordination and sharing of information and documents among them. “All the […]

  • Internet
    India In Top 5 Domain Name Hijacks

    India has emerged as the fifth highest country that witnessed infections via DNS Hijacks in 2015, the F-Secure Threat Round up Report stated. F-Secure is a Finland-based online security and privacy company that recently warned parents to become more aware of the threats posed by new Internet of Things (IoT) toys designed for kids. The […]

  • Internet
    Online Shopping to Grow by 78 Percent in 2016

    Average online purchases in India are expected to increase by 78 percent this year on the back of attractive deals and aggressive marketing of merchandise, industry chamber Assocham said on Sunday. “Unfazed by slowdown, average online purchases are expected to increase by 78 percent in 2016 from 66 percent in 2015, due to attractive deals […]

  • Internet
    India to Capture 20 Percent of IoT Market

    India aims to capture 20 per cent market share in Internet of Things (IoT), an emerging sector which would be worth $300 billion (roughly Rs. 19,94,758 crores) by 2020, a top Nasscom official said Saturday. The IoT is driving the fourth wave of industrial revolution dramatically alerting manufacturing, energy, transportation, medical and other industrial sectors […]

  • Tech Updates
    New Technique Developed for 3D Imaging of Cells Under Your Skin

    Scientists have developed a new technique that can create a 3D real-time image of individual cells or molecules under the skin of a living animal, showing intricate details of the lymph and blood vessels. The technique, called MOZART (for MOlecular imaging and characteriZation of tissue noninvasively At cellular ResoluTion), could one day allow scientists to […]

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    Now, Non-US Citizens Can Book an Airbnb in Cuba

    Ahead of President Barack Obama’s landmark trip to Cuba, the US government has given Airbnb the green light to accept bookings in Cuba from non-American customers. The San Francisco company’s website said Sunday it had received a license from the US Treasury to “welcome guests from around the world to stay one of their 4,000 […]

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    New Digital Tools Will Prevent Duplicate PAN Cards

    The Income Tax department has a new technology tool to check duplicate PAN cards, which also allows the taxman to ‘kill’ the second one. The electronic smart platform called the Income Tax Business Application-Permanent Account Number (ITBA-PAN) has been operationalised by the department which will help the taxman and PAN issuing intermediaries to identify such […]

  • Tech Updates
    This Fungus Could Lead to Better Rechargeable Batteries

    In a first, researchers have shown that a fungus can transform manganese into a mineral composite with favourable electrochemical properties – paving the way for a better rechargeable battery in the near future. The findings suggest that fungus Neurospora crassa present in a red bread mold could be the key to producing more sustainable electrochemical […]