• Education
    Hungary mulls education reforms after protests says media

    Hungary is considering reforms to its public education system, a senior official said on Tuesday, following three major protests in two months against the centre-right government’s centralized control over schools. Bence Retvari, a state secretary at the Human Resources Ministry, told ATV television that lawmakers would draft an overhaul of school financing to replace the […]

  • Education
    Government working on aptitude test for school students

    The HRD ministry is developing an aptitude test which will help school students assess their areas of interest so that they can choose and pursue the right courses. The ministry has formed a task force comprising officials of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) and psychometric experts […]

  • Software
    Great video downloader with a big caveat

    In just a few clicks, Softorino YouTube Converter makes it easy to download, convert, and transfer YouTube videos to your Mac or iOS devices. There was a time not so long ago when downloading YouTube videos to a personal computer required a mere click of the mouse. Try this trick today and you’ll discover it’s […]

  • Hardware
    This is a feisty ultrabook at an incredibly low price

    The Razer Blade Stealth is not a gaming laptop. I know, you’re checking over your shoulder for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. But it’s true! Despite sharing many design cues with Razer’s standard Blade and Blade Pro gaming laptops, the Blade Stealth is an ultrabook. Familiar style Actually, when I say “many design cues,” […]

  • Software
    Paradox Interactive reveals release dates for Hearts of Iron IV and Stellaris

    “I don’t want to be demoing Hearts of Iron IV in another room like this again,” said Paradox’s Johann Andersson to me yesterday. And thankfully he won’t have to. More than two years after its official announcement, the World War II grand strategy behemoth finally has a release date. Spacefaring grand strategy game Stellaris too, […]

  • News Updates
    The Muse is a brain-sensing headband that helps you meditate

    Who knew that meditation—an activity that’s supposed to help us destress from our hectic, always connected lives—can be enhanced by factoring in even more technology? The Museis a sensor-equipped headband that reads your brain activity and helps to guide you into a deeper meditative state when paired with a smartphone app. Yep, a wearable mind-reading […]

  • Software
    Crytek reveals pay-what-you-want CryEngine V, new virtual reality benchmarking tool

    A few weeks ago, Amazon announced it had co-opted Crytek’s CryEngine for its new Lumberyard engine—and then released it completely free. Free to download. Free to use. Free from royalties. That naturally left us wondering where that left Crytek and CryEngine proper. Now we know. Today, Crytek announced CryEngine V. But—surprisingly—it’s also royalty-free. Instead of […]