• Computing
    Windows 10 update version 1903: Act fast to delay this big upgrade

    Sometime this month, Microsoft will finalize its next big feature update. If the company follows its longstanding practice, Windows Update servers will begin delivering the Windows 10 version 1903 update in April, to current installations of Windows 10 that have been running for at least 30 days. This is the latest feature update in Microsoft’s […]

  • Find All Your Essential Data With EaseUS Data Recovery Software

    EaseUS Data recovery software has been among the favourite choices for various tech experts. The software allows the user to recover their important data, which may have been lost due to an unforeseen circumstance. The software is flexible and easy to use. It can easily be navigated by both technical and beginner users. The data […]

  • Software
    Apple Says It’s Aware of iOS 9 Link Crashing Issues; Promises a Fix

    Apple has acknowledged an issue with Safari and other apps which forces them to a crash when opening a link in iOS 9 and above versions. The iPhone maker assures that it will resolve the issue with a software update soon. Over the weekend, several users started to complain issues with Safari and other apps. […]

  • Software
    Google Is Not Calling JNU ‘Anti-National’

    Searching with key words such as “anti-national”, “sedition”, “patriotism” and “Bharat mata ki jai” onGoogle Maps now directs the users to Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), which is caught in a row over its students being booked under sedition. This is not a case of Google taking a political stance, but rather because of a growing […]

  • Software
    Great video downloader with a big caveat

    In just a few clicks, Softorino YouTube Converter makes it easy to download, convert, and transfer YouTube videos to your Mac or iOS devices. There was a time not so long ago when downloading YouTube videos to a personal computer required a mere click of the mouse. Try this trick today and you’ll discover it’s […]

  • Software
    Paradox Interactive reveals release dates for Hearts of Iron IV and Stellaris

    “I don’t want to be demoing Hearts of Iron IV in another room like this again,” said Paradox’s Johann Andersson to me yesterday. And thankfully he won’t have to. More than two years after its official announcement, the World War II grand strategy behemoth finally has a release date. Spacefaring grand strategy game Stellaris too, […]

  • Software
    Crytek reveals pay-what-you-want CryEngine V, new virtual reality benchmarking tool

    A few weeks ago, Amazon announced it had co-opted Crytek’s CryEngine for its new Lumberyard engine—and then released it completely free. Free to download. Free to use. Free from royalties. That naturally left us wondering where that left Crytek and CryEngine proper. Now we know. Today, Crytek announced CryEngine V. But—surprisingly—it’s also royalty-free. Instead of […]