• Computing
    WD PiDrive Is a 314GB Hard Drive Designed for Your Raspberry Pi

    WDLabs, a part of Western Digital (WD) Corporation, on Monday announced the availability of the WD PiDrive – a uniquely crafted storage solution design for Raspberry Pi devices – on the occasion of Pi Day. The drive is currently available in a capacity of 314GB (a play on the first few decimals in the mathematical […]

  • Computing
    Time- and frequency-resolved quantum optics for large-scale quantum computing

    A new architecture, based on a single optical parametric oscillator, is used to produce entanglement between qumode optical fields. Quantum computing has the promise of exponentially faster speeds than classical computing methods for specific, but important, calculations. Such problems include Shor’s factoring algorithm (which pertains to data encryption)1 and the simulation of quantum physics.2 Quicker […]

  • Computing
    Quantum cloud computing could arrive in the next decade, says Bill Gates

    Cloud-based quantum computing could be helping to solve big science problems within the next decade, according to Bill Gates. Speaking during an ‘Ask me Anything’ interview on Reddit, the Microsoft founder was optimistic about the future of the nascent technology. “Microsoft and others are working on quantum computing. It isn’t clear when it will work […]

  • Computing
    NUS computing courses on par with law, medicine and business studies

    Once shunned by top students, computing degrees are now finding favour, with applicants being attracted by better job prospects and working in technology firms. Higher demand for courses offered by the National University of Singapore’s School of Computing pushed up the grades of students it accepted last year, putting it on a par with other […]

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    The future of computing

    IN 1971 the fastest car in the world was the Ferrari Daytona, capable of 280kph (174mph). The world’s tallest buildings were New York’s twin towers, at 415 metres (1,362 feet). In November that year Intel launched the first commercial microprocessor chip, the 4004, containing 2,300 tiny transistors, each the size of a red blood cell. […]

  • Container Wars: Benchmark Test Pits Docker’s Swarm Platform Against Kubernetes

    Cloud admins have not yet reached consensus on which container orchestration platform is best. But Docker has started pushing Swarmhard by promoting new benchmark tests that show major performance advantages vis-à-vis Google’s competingKubernetes cluster management solution. Swarm and Kubernetes are part of the burgeoning ecosystem of container orchestration platforms that have arisen in recent years […]

  • Teenagers react to Windows 95, cannot imagine what their elders endured

    The majority of teenagers alive today weren’t alive in the 90s, meaning the oldest version of Windows they’re likely to be familiar with is Windows XP. If that tidbit makes you feel old, you might not want to watch the latest React video from Fine Brothers Entertainment, in which a bunch of teenagers are exposed […]