• Gadgets
    Belkin Launches Car Charger, Cables, Power Bank at CES 2019

    At CES 2019, Belkin has launched a slew of products, including Lightning connector-equipped headphones called Rockstar, new Boost Charge charging cables, Boost Charge USB-C Car Charger + Cable, USB-C Home Charger + Cable, and the Boost Charge Power Bank USB-C + Cable. All of these are being demoed at its CES booth, and the charging […]

  • Gadgets
    Withings Move ECG, Move, BPM Core Launched at CES 2019

    Withings has launched three new wearable devices at CES 2019. These three devices are Withings Move ECG, Move, and BPM Core. The Withings Move ECG features the ability to take an electrocardiogram (ECG) reading, which puts in on par with the Apple Watch Series 4 in terms of health-related features. It’s important to note that […]

  • Internet
    Marriott Says Hack Was Smaller Than Originally Thought, but 5.25 Million Passport Numbers Were Stolen

    Marriott disclosed Friday that fewer guests than originally thought were affected by a massive computer hacking attack but that more than five million passport numbers were stolen. Marriott said about 5.25 million passport numbers were taken in the incident, which US officials believe was masterminded by the Chinese government. An additional 20.3 million encrypted passport numbers […]

  • Internet
    Weather Channel App Accused of Selling Users’ Personal Data

    People relied on the most popular mobile weather app to track forecasts that determined whether they chose jeans over shorts and packed a parka or umbrella, but its owners used it to track their every step and profit off that information, Los Angeles prosecutors said Friday. The operator of The Weather Channel mobile app misled […]

  • Internet
    Huawei Launches HiSilicon Kunpeng 920 Server Chips as It Taps New Growth Channels

    Huawei Technologies Co on Monday launched a new chipset for use in servers, at a time when China is pushing to enhance its chip-making capabilities and reduce its heavy reliance on imports, especially from the United States. Huawei, which derives the bulk of its revenue from selling telecommunications equipment and smartphones, is seeking growth avenues in […]

  • News Updates
    Winter is coming: Tips to eat healthy in winter

    Cold winds, chilly nights and fog wrapped mornings who doesn’t like winter. Winter brings loads of happiness into our lives and along with that, it also brings a host of diseases like common cold, flu, various skin diseases and infections. This winter rejuvenate your body metabolism by adding a health potion in your diet. Winter […]

  • Internet
    Google’s Widevine L3 Video Streaming DRM Platform, Used by Netflix and Others, Allegedly Cracked

    Widevine is a digital rights management (DRM) platform owned by Google that allows content providers like Netflix, HBO, etc., to stream video content to end users in a secure environment, in order to avoid unlawful duplication and distribution of their content (aka: piracy). However, security researcher David Buchanan claims to have broken Google’s Widevine L3 […]

  • Internet
    Netflix Poaches Activision’s Neumann for CFO Role

    Netflix said on Wednesday it had appointed media finance veteran Spencer Neumann from Activision Blizzard as its chief financial officer. Reuters reported on Monday citing a source that the media streaming company had poached Neumann from the video game publisher. Netflix, which is making more of its own films and shows, would like its next CFO to be […]