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The Bnei Brak Municipality inaugurated a unique initiative to make municipal and government services accessible to the public, which they called Modai’ir.

The need for such a project was born in light of the fact that most of the city’s residents refrain from using the Internet for reasons of religious common sense.

“As part of the guidelines for improving and streamlining the service to the public, the Mayor instructed the Municipality to make the services accessible to the residents in a manner that will be efficient and quick,” the Municipality spokesman said.

“Moda’ir consolidates various services to be available in one place using simple and clear procedures, service without waiting in a queue and in flexible times, with locations positioned around the city for all residents, with filtered content adapted to haredi society and with the system operating only on weekdays.”

Among services provided to the public: Payments of municipal taxes, water, fines and tickets, government services such as birth registration, change of address, request for biometric identification, and general services.

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