• Science Updates
    Japan Lands 2 Robot Rovers on Asteroid Surface

    The Japanese space agency said that it has made history by successfully landing two unmanned rovers on an asteroid. “The two rovers are in good condition and are transmitting images and data,” the agency, JAXA, said on Saturday after the rovers separated from the Hayabusa2 spacecraft and landed on the asteroid Ryugu. The rovers are […]

  • Education
    Revamp higher education to meet contemporary needs: M Venkaiah Naidu

    Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu Friday called for revamping higher education to bring it in tune with the contemporary needs and said the “undesirable trend” of lakhs of engineering students graduating in India without basic employable skills must stop. He said education is not only for employment, but also meant to empower students and help […]

  • Gadgets
    Oculus Quest Is Facebook’s New $399 Standalone VR Headset

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is off to a slow start in his mission to bring virtual reality to the masses, so perhaps it’s appropriate his company’s next VR headset will be called Quest. The headset from Facebook’s Oculus division will be a stand-alone device that won’t require a smartphone or a connection to a personal computer to create […]

  • Science Updates
    ESA’s Gaia Detects Unexpected Disruption in Milky Way

    The Milky Way galaxy is still enduring the effects of a near collision that likely took place sometime in the past 300-900 million years and set millions of stars moving like ripples in a pond, the European Space Agency (ESA) has said. An analysis of the motions of six million stars in the Milky Way […]

  • Education
    PM speech about girls’ education at UNGA: 25 September 2018

    I would first like to thank President Macron and Prime Minister Trudeau – and thank you also to the governments of Kenya, Niger and Jordan as co-hosts of this event with whom we are working to support girls’ education around the world. Today over 130 million girls did not go to school. 130 million girls […]

  • Science Updates
    NASA Launches New Website to Show Impact of Space Tech on Daily Life

    NASA has launched a new interactive website that lets users explore how space technology impacts everyday life on Earth. The new website, called NASA Home and City, features about 130 spinoff technologies in a virtual space, allowing users to tour through buildings and rooms to discover common items that NASA inspired or helped improve, the agency said in […]

  • Internet
    Google Defends Gmail Data Sharing, Gives Few Details on Violations

    Alphabet’s Google gave details about its policies for third-party Gmail add-ons but stopped short of fully addressing questions from US senators about developers who break its email-scanning rules. How user data flows between big technology platforms such as Google and Facebook and their partners has faced scrutiny around the world this year since Facebook revealed it had done little to monitor such […]

  • Science Updates
    Scientists Develop Nano-Filter That Cleans Water 100 Times Faster

    Australian scientists on Friday said they have developed a nano-filter that can clean contaminated water 100 times faster than the current technology, pointing to better access to the crucial resource worldwide. The filter removes oils and heavy metals including lead from water via an alloy that combines gallium-based liquid metals with aluminium, helping to absorb […]

  • Internet
    Amazon’s Use of Merchant Data Under EU Microscope

    European Union regulators are checking whether US online retailer Amazon is using merchants’ data in a way that stifles competition, Europe’s antitrust chief said on Wednesday. The comments by European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager come as the world’s largest online retailer faces calls for more regulatory intervention and even its potential break-up because of its sheer size. Vestager […]

  • Science Updates
    MIT Researchers Develop AI-Based Device That Can Wirelessly Monitor Health

    Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are building a device that uses machine learning, and is similar to a Wi-Fi router, to track breathing, heart rate, sleep, gait, just by sitting in one spot. The device can help people living with conditions like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, depression, and pulmonary diseases and enable their physicians to wirelessly […]