EaseUS Data recovery software has been among the favourite choices for various tech experts. The software allows the user to recover their important data, which may have been lost due to an unforeseen circumstance. The software is flexible and easy to use. It can easily be navigated by both technical and beginner users.

The data recovery software can easily help people recover from several unexpected situations such as virus attacks, lost partitions, hard disk crash, unexpected mac data recovery, system crash, OS crash etc. The software is also able to recover a number of files including, media files, documents, compressed files, folders etc.

The software can easily be downloaded and installed for free from the official website of the company. The user can choose from 3 different packages, which are free, pro, and Pro+WinPE. Each come with its own limitations and advantages. The first packages, which is free, is free of cost, however, allow only up to 2 GB of data recovery.

Once the software has been installed on the system, the user must start the software and it will start analyse all the storage devices connected to your system. As soon as the analysis is finished, it will bring up a window displaying all storage devices and disk available. By clicking on any of these, you will be able to start the scanning procedure. Any lost partitions will also be displayed at this screen.

Beginning the Scanning Procedure

Once the user selects a storage device or disk, the scanning process begins. The first part of the scanning process is the quick search mode, which is reliable and fast. It quickly searches the memory for any data remnants, which were left by recently deleted files. It recovers files that have been recently deleted from the system or have emptied from the recycle bin. Once this part has been completed, the results are displayed and the second part is initiated, which is the deep scan mode.

The deep scan mode is an advanced search mode, designed to recover even more files by diving deeper into the memory and recovering remnants, which were previously left/skipped by the initial scan mode. Due to this, the scan mode takes a much longer time than the quick scan mode, often lasting from several minutes to several hours, depending upon the size of the disk.

After all the results are displayed on the screen, you can either start recovering them one by one or by selecting multiple files at once. If you have some trouble finding your desired file, you can filter the files according to their file types, or search for a specific files using its name. The preview feature can also be used to view the contents of a file, to determine whether you need to recover the file or not. Moreover, you can choose to recover the files wherever you wish to.

The software greatly simplifies the data recovery experience, which has made the software one of the finest available today.


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