E-Commerce has been generally performing well on a global scale. The convenience of shopping online has attracted consumers and numerous brands have adapted to this trend. From having just physical stores, retailers have expanded their reach to more clients and even made themselves present worldwide. The Internet has definitely made more opportunities for business growth and the economy follows. Products that can be sold in the different online platforms include the following but are not limited to clothing, gadgets, and accessories. As the market increases, more products are being introduced.

However, certain challenges arise due to how fast e-commerce made it to the scene. Customer-facing shops have decreased due to the shift to focus on the growing online demands. On the other hand, this also shifts the investment to adapt to how and where the sales perform better. Other industries are now intertwined with e-commerce such as transportation, travel, and dining due to the seamless transactions that the Internet provides. Furthermore, third party platforms who cater to independent brands have also been reaping the benefits of technology. Also, with the presence of social media, everything is easier to market and sell and even with the comforts of the home in the part of the retailer.

China has been the top performing country when it comes to e-commerce retail sales. The total amount that they have accumulated in this industry was enough to overthrow the US as the highest earning country. This was a huge milestone for China most especially when the returns came earlier than they forecasted. As part of their goals to develop their resources further, the retail industry has given them the best outcome and has definitely helped in improving their economy. This will be a huge challenge for the US since China has its path clear to take on the lead. Through China’s developments in technology and ranges of products, they have achieved the attention of a greater number of consumers. China retailers are visible and have been more marketable. Also, China has found ways to be service-driven which plays a role in the e-commerce experience.

Long before the technology has emerged to where it is now, China and the US already had trading relations and business ventures in each nation. The US has been strong on the influence around the world for hundreds of years and China had aided their needs in the few other remaining sources. However, the Sino-Japanese war which involved violence in Nanking has made an impact on where both countries are now. The battle led the to help each other despite affecting innocent Americans. Since then, the two countries somehow became allies. However, this speaks of the opposite in the current situation most especially since both are competing to be the greatest power around the world.

The US would have to grow using the challenges that are facing their e-commerce industry. The top labeled brands are US-owned and this says a lot about how the online strategies in marketing are performing. Somehow, the US falls a little unsuccessful than China. Perhaps, not reaching the target markets and not pushing the technological means to suggest growth beyond what their retails sales have achieved years ago. With everything improving in an instant, it is the US that needs to be at a faster rate to exceed the statistics of their biggest competitor which is China. Sales in the e-commerce industry affect the economy proportionally and this definitely provides good results to a country who is striving to be the greatest power. This goes to show how influential a nation can be and how timely the improvements are.

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