Setting an example for others to follow, residents of Dhamiyapatti in Bihar’s Madhubani has transformed their small village into an eye soothing sight of green cover belt. Interestingly, the move from a remote village in Bihar comes at a time when the world is facing the challenge of global warming and whopping amounts are being spent to promote greenery.

Around two decades back, the villagers were drawn towards nature. In the initial phase, they planted few saplings which later turned into a passion. As a result, the entire village is covered by a green cover belt.

According to villagers, they had heard a lot about global warming around two decades back. As a part of their preparations they started planting saplings to deal with the global menace. Global warming – a word truly alien to Bihar village

The total population of this village is 3,000 and each house has different variety of trees and plants. The process has also raised the income level of the villagers. People from neighboring villages and cities also flock here to purchase plants and trees.

85-year-old Amrendra Narayan Thakur, 70-year-old Kedarnath Jha, retired teacher Chandrakant Jha, 60-year-old Rajendra Ram said youths of this village played a vital role in spreading awareness about the benefits of afforestation.

Head of village Panchayat, Sanjeev Kumar Jha said “Efforts are underway to bring neighbouring villages of Gaada, Parsa and Rajoli under the green cover belt.”

The sitting MLA, Arun Shankar Prasad, said afforestation is the only way to deal with global warming. “In Hindu mythology, trees are considered to be very sacred and hence, are worshiped,” he added.

Development Officer Rajbahadur Prasad Gupta said “Taking inspiration from this village, campaigns are being carried out in other rural areas to promote greenery.”

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