Some mysterious pictures of what seems to be an upcoming NVIDIA Titan based on the Volta GPU have appeared on Facebook (via Videocardz). The images were posted on Facebook by an intern at NVIDIA and we are genuinely excited by what looks like NVIDIA next-generation enthusiast graphics card.

We cannot confirm at the moment if the upcoming graphics card is based on Volta or Pascal GPU but it looks like the former might be used. We will get into more detail on that bit later but first, let us talk more about the card itself.

So first up, we clearly see the “Titan” branding on this card which confirms this is a new ultra high-end graphics card aimed at enthusiast gamers and professional content creators. That’s where the Titan branded cards are aimed at nowadays, they are attended to be used for both, gaming and creation purposes. It’s similar to AMD’s Radeon Pro Duo series and comes at higher prices when compared to gamer aimed variants.

The NVIDIA Titan Volta cards uses a black and gold color scheme which is surprisingly similar to the Volta GV100 based cards that NVIDIA showcased at GTC 2017. Now the card posted over at the ocn forums shows a similar design language on a current generation NVTTM shroud which we know and love since the GeForce 10 series cards arrived on the market. While most of these things can be made similar through modding, there are some things which cannot be customized on a card.

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