Microsoft’s big push under Satya Nadella has been to meet users wherever they are, putting its Windows smartphone plans on the back-burner and reaching out to Android and iOS users in a big way. The upcoming Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is underlining this philosophy with features like Timeline and new Cortana capabilities that will make it easier for people to use their Android and iOS devices with Windows 10.Windows 10 Will Make It Easy to Copy-Paste Between Your PC and Mobile

Continuing the theme is another new feature that Microsoft showcased for the first time during the keynote session on the second day of its Build developers conference in Seattle on Thursday. With the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, the Clipboard too will become Cloud-aware, making it possible for you to, say, copy text on a Windows 10 device, and paste it on a Android smartphone.

Microsoft will make this possible using easy to access controls in the SwiftKey keyboard for Android, an app that Microsoft acquired last year. Since Clipboard is a system-level feature in Windows, and SwiftKey works across pretty much all apps on your smartphone, users will be able to use this feature to exchange information between practically any two apps on their Windows 10 and mobile devices.

The Redmond-based company says the feature will work for more than just text – you will also be able to photos, including animated GIF images. The feature will be able as part of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

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