The Indian variant of rummy is one of the most popular online game, immensely popular among gamers. A number of online rummy websites have emerged over the times that have contributed to the immense popularity of this game. As you play online Indian rummy games , there are a few mistakes you should completely avoid.


6 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Playing Indian Rummy Online

Winning rummy totally depends on the skills and tactics you use while playing the game. One should always try to improve the game by practicing hard each day. You should learn from your past mistakes and avoid committing it again to become a better player. Here are some of the most common mistakes that one should avoid while playing Indian game of rummy online:

Form a Straight Sequence

After 13 cards are dealt to each player, one should sort out the cards and try to make a pure life at earliest. A pure life can be a sequence of 3 / 4 cards from the same suit. Ensure that you have one pure life sequence before calling the ‘show’. Many players forget to form a pure life sequence and end up losing the game.

Joker is the Key

Most of the players forget that both cut joker and paper joker can be used in the game. It is very important that you use the joker wisely while making the sequence. It can improve your chance of winning the game by a fold. You can form the non-pure sequences using the joker, but ensure that you have at least one pure life sequence before calling the ‘show’.

Discard the High-Value Cards

Make sure that the high-value cards – A, K, Q, and J should be discarded first because they add the high points to your score whenever the ‘show’ is declared by your opponent. Try maintaining the minimum score by simply discarding the high value cards.

Deciding the Right Time to Quit the Game

In any rummy card game, the random generator shuffles all the cards and distributes them among the players. Whenever the cards are dealt, and you find out that the cards you have been dealt with, have least probability of forming the set then it’s the right time to quit. The middle drop is always considered better than full count.

Check the Discarded Cards of your Competitor

Never ever ignore the cards of your competitor. You should always have a close eye over the discarded cards of your opponent to get an idea of what your opponent is trying to do. Also check out if he is picking up the cards discarded by you. If you have can predict your opponent’s moves, then hold back the cards which your opponent might be trying to make the sequence. It can make your competitor wait for the right card for long.

Middle-Valued Cards must be used Wisely

This is one of the most important skills one should adopt while playing Indian rummy games online. You must try to use the middle value cards for making the sequence as the chances of making the sequence using these cards are greater as compared to the higher valued cards.

The Bottom Line

Every rummy player should try to learn from the past mistakes and avoid those mistakes in future. Make sure to avoid the above mentioned mistakes and use every card wisely to end up winning the game. It is purely your skills that can take you to winning the game.

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