Facebook on Friday shared the state elections 2017 data and revealed that 32 million people in India had over 265 million interactions between January 1 and March 8 this year regarding the election process. The social media networking giant has shared the time series that shows the most discussed candidates, issues, and political parties that were talked about on Facebook between the aforementioned time period.

As per the state elections 2017 data graph shared by Facebook (seen below), Navjot Singh Sidhu was the most talked about candidate during mid-January but Captain Amarinder Singh became most discussed candidate during March. Notably, the graph shows the number of unique users engaging in conversation regarding the candidates and the parties involved in the state election.

facebook story FB Story Candidates

In terms of issues discussed on Facebook, defence came ahead of both crime and industries during the better part of the timeline under review. However, the issue of crime was discussed on more number of occasions than defence during late-February and early March time period.

facebook story issues FB Issues

Unsurprisingly, Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) turned out to be the most discussed political party on the social media networking platform for better part of the time period shared by Facebook. However, Indian National Congress was talked about by more number of users briefly during January and February. Interestingly, the discussion regarding Samajwadi Party was done at a much smaller scale than the other two parties on Facebook.

facebook story parties FB PartiesEven though it is extremely hard to reach conclusions merely on the basis of discussion done on a social media platform, especially in a country like India where access to Internet itself is an issue, the shared data does suggest that certain candidates and parties and candidates do enjoy an upper hand in this sphere of the social media.


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