Christmas is right around the corner, and after such a stressful 2016 you definitely deserve to treat yourself. And what better way to treat yourself then by buying a brand new best-in-class smartphone?

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is bigger and better than last year’s S6 Edge, and there’s plenty of reasons to choose it over the standard S7.

At 5.5-inches it’s the perfect size for those who covet the big screen but don’t have big hands to wield their phone.

On this page we’ve listed all of the best Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge deals so that you can easily find the best option for you.

There are so many deals out there that it’s easy to get a little overwhelmed, but we’ve done the legwork for you here so have a browse and go for the one that sounds right for your data needs and budget.

In our S7 Edge review we said: “Whether you value the premium glass and aluminium chassis, the high-end specs, or the outstanding camera. This smartphone has it all.

“Expandable storage and waterproofing, back from the S5, are also big bonuses, and all of this shows that Samsung has really listened to customer complaints about the S6 (which is really quite refreshing).

“It’s not perfect – the casing is a fingerprint magnet and TouchWiz still isn’t perfect. But the pros far outweigh the cons.When it comes down to it: the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is the best smartphone you can buy right now.


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