Dentists are often the most neglected species of medical practitioners in the world. We all take their profession too lightly when the fact of the matter is that even if there is a slight tinge of pain in our teeth, we find ourselves trembling. Just like different doctors, dentists too have sub-categories or specialization which allows them to be the master of a particular kind of dental problem. Before consulting a dentist, it is thus very important to understand which one should you go to, if you are suffering from a tooth ailment.

Given below are different types of dentists:

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  1. Orthodontist

This one here is the most common and by far, the most dreadful of all dentists. This dentist is the one to whom you would want to turn if you need to get your teeth straightened or get your bite problems corrected. The painful ordeal of having braces or retainers is done by this person. If it is the structure of your teeth which is bothering you then an orthodontist would be the one you are looking for.


  1. Prosthodontist

Any dentist who is involved in using prosthetics to treat cases of missing tooth is called a prosthodontist. They use implants, dentures, crowns, or bridges to replace the missing tooth.


  1. Periodontist

If it is not exactly your teeth which is troubling you but the surroundings, then you might want to visit a periodontist. A periodontist is a dental practitioner who treats cases where the problem areas are the bones, gums and tissue surrounding the teeth. Anybody suffering from gingivitis, gummy smiles and so on would be handled by this dental expert.


  1. Oral Surgeon

This might seem a bit self-explanatory. There are cases which are not at all restricted to basic functional or aesthetic purposes and are rather grave. Say, an accident occurs which causes heightened tooth injury; this would be handled by an oral surgeon. All the emergency treatments are also best addressed to an oral surgeon. Most of the hospitals have a dedicated ward and department to oral surgeries.


  1. Pediatric Dentist

Anything pediatric refers to that related to children. A pediatric dentist is thus one who can provide nurturing dental care to the children of your family. They are capable of providing general dentistry. Usually, these are the ones whom we refer to as family dentists. They are well-experienced in not just their professional skills but also in managing the children and providing them emotional assurance in painful times.


  1. Cosmetic Dentist

Lastly, another most important kind of dentists is the cosmetic dentist. With an increasing consciousness about outward appeal, people are paying more and more attention to the aesthetics of their mouth and teeth. If you are planning to go for a smile makeover, veneers and tooth whitening, then you would pay a visit to the cosmetic dentist. A cosmetic dentist is the one who can bring a dazzling and perfect smile on your face, oozing with self-confidence.

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