Every person has some sort of picture in their minds regarding the kind of home they want to live in. While some might be lucky in finding what they exactly want in the homes that are already up for sale, most of the people fall in the other bracket. Such people have two options: either settle with the option already available to you or decide to build a custom home which has all the amenities and detailing which they have always wanted. This often costs a lot, not just in terms of money, but also time, effort and emotion! It is your luxury home we are talking about, after all. You do not want to make any mistakes when building a custom luxury home now. Below are some of the mistakes that people usually make. Know these so that you can avoid them on your own:

  1. Spending too much on the lot or building site

It is true that it is a luxury home and that you are setting out on a journey which is going to be costly, but it is not necessary that you spend more than what is required and that too just on the lot or the building site. People ignore the actual cost of the building site as they do not analyse it with respect to other sites. A beautiful lot with a picturesque view might seem gorgeous but can be difficult to build on and that means more and more expenses.

To escape spending too much on the lot or building site, you can look out for a custom home builder who has a portfolio which consists of numerous difficult sites as well.

  1. Focusing on one thing at a time and not following a team approach

Another common mistake that people make while building custom luxury homes is that they tend to take on one thing at a time. While this approach is good in many cases, it does not hold good when building a custom luxury home. Buying a lot, hiring an architect, laying out a plan for the builder are things that would cost a lot more when you do them individually, one thing at a time.

The way in which you can solve this problem is by assembling a team of professions since the very beginning of your project. The team should consist of an architect, builder, interior designer, and landscape designer. A landscape designer is important to give you an idea as to how would the house work on the site that you have and communicate with the existing vegetation.

  1. Evaluating the cost of home by getting the cost per square foot

People seem to be obsessed with the cost per square foot while evaluating the total cost of their homes. This might give you a general idea about the total amount but not wholly. Selecting a builder solely based on this criterion would be a naïve move. Space is that part of the house which is actually most inexpensive. What matters more is the difficulty of the building site, type of construction and the amenities and ingredients that you want in your home which includes all the tiles, granite, appliances, doors, windows and lot more.

You can find a solution to this problem by being well aware of the customisations that you want in your house beforehand. Set a budget for the interior designing.


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