Pregnenolone, when used just as a dietary supplement to enhance memory, improve mental energy and clarity the suggested dose is 30mg once a day. When used for particular deficiencies, 100mg once a day is prescribed. When conducting clinical trials, even a dose of 700mg daily is used. Depending on the patient, their needs and their health history, doctors decide the dose.

Comparatively, there are fewer studies conducted on pregnenolone. So there should be extra caution when taking this steroid hormone.


Common Side Effects

There can be few side effects with long-term use of this neurosteroid, Pregnenolone. However, a very common side effect of pregnenolone intake is acne or oily skin. This is because it converts into androgens. If left untreated, there will be cystic acne which will remain even after discontinuation of the dose. The cystic acne may take weeks to clear up.

When taken in lower doses, people experience relaxation. But when taken in higher doses, people may feel irritated; there may be increase in anger and anxiousness.

When taken for long period of time, it can prone to hair loss. This is due to pregnenolone converting into DHEA. This DHEA then converts to testosterone later into DHT. Sometimes it may also convert into progesterone.

Headache is the common side effect of pregnenolone. People may experience headache even at very low doses taken for long term.

Even when taking very little dose of 5mg a day, some could experience heart palpitations or arrhythmias. This is a risk in elder people which needs medical attention. In this case dose should be stopped and patient should consult doctor.

It is helpful for sleep, but should be taken in the morning. Otherwise people may suffer from insomnia and night sweats.

Effect of pregnenolone on thyroid gland and other few organs is yet unknown. There are no research or report available on this. For pregnant women this should not be prescribed because the effect on them is still unknown. Available information is not enough to state pregnenolone is safe for them. Unless there is some deficiency, people below 18 years should not take any steroidal hormones.

Once taken for prolonged period, it is very difficult to withdraw the dose. People will experience nervousness, anxiety and restlessness. Some people even reported that they felt fatigued, paranoid, and depressed after stopping the pregnenolone dosage. Experts suggestion is to start reducing the dose by 10mg a day and then gradually stop the dose. Prolonged usage itself is not recommended since withdrawal is not easy.

For people who have a concern about developing dementia, decline in mental clarity, memory loss can definitely go for this steroidal hormone. Appropriate dose can also improve libido in men and women.

Both studies on human as well as animal showed that pregnenolone can enhance nerve cell growth and can act as a mood booster. It has significant effect on functions of human nervous system. The neurosteroid, Pregnenolone helps to improve cognitive functions in individuals of older age. However, one should intake the right dosage to avoid side effects.

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