Smartphones are one of the most amazing inventions of this century, well actually to put it more precisely, the affordable smartphones are the most amazing invention that the current generation is blessed with. Today, if you look around, the Indian smartphone market is brimmed with literally hundreds and thousands of smartphones. There are a plethora of affordable smartphone makers who are vying to woo the maximum number of customers by offering phones at the most affordable price. While the affordable mobiles under 10000 are dime a dozen, how do you choose the best mobile that suits your need? Well, there a few important features that you need to consider, which are discussed below:


The modern day smartphone makers load their homes with plenty of features and functions to give the users the best user-experience. However, while buying a new phone, you must look for phones that offer the features and functions that you are looking for. For instance, if you are looking to buy a phone with 4G connectivity feature and a good camera, there is no point in investing in a phone that has the best hardware in its category, but doesn’t have a 4G connectivity or a decent camera. So, being specific is the key to choosing the best phone to suit your needs.

Long battery life

Let us admit it, mobile phones are no longer just a communication device. We all use it for various other purposes like playing games, watching videos, checking e-mails and much more. We all use several applications all day long. Well, then to make sure that you are able to stay connected through the day and enjoy nonstop entertainment, you need to look for a phone that features a powerful battery. It is best advised to buy a phone that has a 3000 mAh or more powerful battery.

High-quality sound

The sound quality is one of those features that most people fail to consider while buying a new phone. No matter, if you are an ardent gaming lover or the one who loves to listen to music all day long, it is the sound quality that enhances the music and gaming experience. Look for a phone that has powerful speakers with a high quality sound output. This will also help you hear and talk better while you are making or receiving calls.


Unless you are buying an iPhone, most affordable phones in the market come with a wide range of accessories apart from the basics like charger and earphones. Today, there are several brands that offer additional accessories like Bluetooth earpiece, neck strap, screen guard, mobile cover and even a spare battery.


Size does matter, depending on your personal choice and usage, you can either choose to buy a phone with a smaller screen size or the one that boasts of a bigger screen size. Ideally, a phone with 5” screen suits the needs of all. It is just the perfect size to be able to work efficiently as well as enjoy multi-media sessions better and not to mention it is easy to carry too in your pockets.

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