From the long time rowing is considered as one the best Aerobic recreational exercise. This includes natural movement of the arms and joints and helps in boosting the heart rate. With this Water Rower Natural rowing machine the rowing experience can be taken into another level. This rowing machine uses the similar physics that is involved in the dynamics of the boat in water. It consists of a water flywheel and two peddles in an enclosed water tank. There are no moving parts in this machine that can be worn out. Your strength will determine how fast you can row this machine. The self regulating resistance created by the water tank and flywheel eliminates the need of a motor.

Features and functionality of Water Rower Natural Rowing Machine

There are enormous features of this Natural water rowing machine which are discussed below in detail. So if you are planning to buy any rowing machine for home of this kind then look at these features carefully for getting a better idea regarding this.

  • This is hand crafted rowing machine with water flywheel that gives actual rowing feel.
  • Flywheel is enclosed in closed water tank to give it smooth, reasonable and self synchronized resistance.
  • The measurement of this machine is 84*21*22 inches and the weight is 117 pounds.
  • For absorbing sound and vibration, it consists of solid ash and tainted honey oak construction.
  • For tracking the work out frequency, intensity, heart rate, stroke rate it has series 4 performance monitor.
  • The natural wood like construction gives it an elegant look.
  • The LCD screen can be easily plugged in your PC for additional features.
  • So far the best in terms of comfort ability
  • When not in use this machine can stand upright and this will help in saving the space.
  • It comes with 5 year frame warranty and 3 years part warranty.
  • As you row it gives quite relaxing sound of water rushing.

Water Rower Natural Rowing Machine Review

As per various fitness gurus, this machine is so far the best in the market in terms of water rowing capabilities. With the use of hardwoods like cherrywood, ash and oak give it a perfect look. The durability and quality are incomparable to other machines.

Unlike other rowing machines it doesn’t need to be locked in a sound proof room because the sound of water rushing is quite soothing. If we compare this to real rowing then the resistance level of this water rower is similar to that only. The computer monitor and other programmable features are very convenient to use and very efficient as well.

Footrest of this machine is quite comfortable and it is also very flexible for the tall rowers. The seat of this machine is very comfortable among every other rowing machine. According to the users and fitness experts this machine definitely deserves a 5 star.

The Good

The most important thing in this machine are its computer features which are LCD S4 performance monitor, stroke rate, and heart rate, intensity measuring in m/s, distance covered, calories burnt, workout duration, and miles per hour. The dual rail design and water flywheel are most reliable in this rowing machine. Unlike other rowing machines this can accommodate tall rowers easily because of its flexibility of height adjustment. This machine is very capable enough to give you the best workout that anyone can desire. The construction and design of this machine are such that the user can have a smooth and powerful training session.

The Bad

The only negative issue with this machine is its price which is nearly $1,500. But we can guarantee you that it is worth buying if you are fitness freak and it is surely value for money and quality.

Final Verdict

This Water rowing machine is the perfect example of the professional rowing machine. This is best suitable for both the beginners and experienced rowers. It faultlessly combines aesthetics and style with console and stability. The S4 monitor equipped with this machine gives it an advantage over other machines because of the strong performance. Regular schedules can be easily maintained in this machine and various variations can also be added. So it is best suitable for any fitness freak despite of higher price.

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