The latest fashion trend of crop tops is really very popular and almost every woman wants to wear a crop top to be part of this trend. As this is summer time, the crop tops are perfect for this weather. They allow us to be cool and comfortable in the unbearable hot weather. These crop tops for women are one of the best beach wear as you are able to show off your bikini-clad body in them. As these tops are short in length, your skin is able to remain cool in fresh air and will not get sweaty. However, how can someone wear a short crop top in the months of winter? All the benefits of the crop top as a garment perfect for summer will become its drawbacks in winter. How can someone wear a crop top in chilly weather and still feel comfortable? Actually, you can wear the crop top in winter and that too without feeling the cold weather and without feeling uncomfortable. There are certain ways in which you will be able to wear your favorite crop top in winter and you will look perfectly cool and stylish.

Ways in which crop tops for women can be worn in winter

  • A cropped sweater is a perfect crop top which you can wear in winter. Wear it over a shirt and pair them with high waist jeans. This way your skin exposure will be minimum and you will be able to enjoy the crop top. You can add a scarf or a beanie to this outfit if you need to be extra warm.
  • If you are going to a fancy event and you want to wear a crop top, then you can very well do so. Pair a long-sleeved crop top with a midi skirt. If you use a solid color crop top, then your skirt can be vibrant in color and design. Add come classy heels to this and you are ready to go.
  • If you want to create a formal and elegant look with a crop top in winter, then you can go for a long sleeves crop top which will keep you warm. Pair it with wide pants and you will look elegant yet sexy.
  • You can also wear high waist jeans, a knitted crop top and plaid shirt which are left open. This extra layer will give you warmth and the additional layer will add a contrast to your outfit.
  • A knitted crop top can also be worn with high waist pants. You can wear a long coat over the crop top and a hat to accessorize the whole outfit.
  • You can even go for a crop top with shorts look in the winter. Just pair them with tights and wear a cropped sweater as the crop top. This way you will look hot and will feel warm too. If you add ankle boots to this outfit, you will surely be the center of attraction.
  • If you want an elegant and smart look then you can go for the matching crop top and skirt look. The difference will be that the matching garments should be a knitted crop top and skirt so that you will be warm enough in the cold weather.
  • If you are looking for a glamorous look with a crop top, then wear a long sleeves crop top in a solid color over a dress shirt. Pair them with leather leggings and you will be the best-dressed girl in the party.

Pairing the crop tops for women with long knitted cardigans, ponchos and blazers will give you an additional layer which will keep you warm and will add a dimension to your outfit. You can also wear denim jackets and cropped sweatshirts for extra warmth. Wearing sequined and embellished crop tops over a maxi slip dress or pairing them with tuxedo jackets will be the best look for a winter party.

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