Valve has this week announced that it is preparing to showcase a “compilation of new VR experiments” that will be set in Portal’s Aperture Science universe during next week’s GDC 2016.

The virtual reality content will also be made available during the summer months via the SteamVR platform allowing those interested to amuse themselves inside one of Aperture Science’s “pocket universes.”

The content will be released for free for the HTC Vive headset via Steam this Spring, the HTC Vive virtual reality system is now available to preorder priced at $799. The Road To VR website explains :

In the now famous Aperture Robot Repair VR demo, the player opens a drawer full of tiny 2D stick-people which have been a recurring theme in Portal’s marketing. The narrator in the demo mentions this as being one of Aperture Science’s pocket universes, so it seems likely that we’ll see the little creatures return.

As soon as more information is announced during GDC 2016 or released by Valve we will keep you updated as always.

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